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KING TONIC 600G (20mg x 30 EA)

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What is? King Tonic??
"KingTonic" is one of the most popular herbal formula that Koreans have used for their optimum health. This formula was used for over five hundred in Korea by families of the ruling class and royal families. ?KingTonic?is designed for those who seek after a healthy, long life.

What are ingredients?
KingTonic is formulated with Korean Ginseng, Hoelen, Rehmannia root and Honey. Since it takes little less than a week to make it, this formula is often disregarded by herbalists nowadays although it is the most recommended formula by DONG-UI-BO-GAM (Examples of Traditional Medical Practice in Korea), one of the most authoritative sources of Korean traditional medical science. KingTonic is made of 100% five years old Korean Ginseng only and it is treated with the special method to increase the unusual saponins including ?Rg6? , which usually are found rarely in red ginseng only. It has been proven that Rg6 has stronger action than any other saponin types in many ways.

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